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Disclaimer: In September Soccer Nova Scotia and the member clubs agreed to declare teams by the end of November so schedules could be created and final costs established. Unfortunately, this deadline was not honored and has been extended into 2021 with competition being delayed to February and the season extended into April.

The following information is to help guide how our indoor programs will operate as we could face a variety of scenarios

If Training is Prohibited in January 2021

The training and season will be extended into April with the intention to run a season of either ten games or five jamborees. As communicated previously the competition fees are still outstanding for all members and they will be as outlined previously.

  • Skill Centre Competition Fee $60.00
  • U12-U17 Competition Fee $75.00
  • U18 Competition Fee $80.00

If Training is Allowed in January 2021

This is where the original deadline being extended will cause our club issues. Not only will the season be extended into April, so will the expectation for us to take our field allocation to align with the season including the month of January.

In addition, we are also being asked to book hours on the weekend originally allocated for the league, due to it being delayed and starting in February. This was not forecasted and the overall budget has been significantly impacted by these new timelines and requests.

This would result in our season extending from twelve weeks to fifteen weeks and include three extra weekend sessions during January resulting in six extra turf sessions.

Due to these constraints, we have slightly adjusted the costs to ensure we do not create a deficit in an already difficult time. Our priority is to make additional costs as valuable as possible.

The following breaks down the proposed cost including the competition fees listed above:

  • Skill Centre including competition fees and six extra sessions $85.00.
  • U12-U17 including competition fees and six extra sessions $100.00.
  • U18 including competition fees and six extra sessions $75.00.

Outstanding Fees

We will not be requesting any additional fees until all details are finalized.

Note - If you do not want to participate in the competition OR the extra training. Please contact the club so we can make a note on your file.